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Vashikaran Products and Services

In this section you will find the details on the Products & Services we offer. At any stage you have questions we are always reachable on 001-(866) 699 2469 (Mon to Fri) or Email us

The audio section contains uniquely designed album focusing on a specific relationship issue and contains the solution to resolve it. We have combined some of the Proven Vashikaran Mantras which are available in digital downloadable format. Check the Audio Section –

Each Vashikaran Yantra is unique in nature as it belongs to a specific deity or an archetype. Vashikaran Yantras are classified in to various sub-categories depending on the issue & the outcome. For example the Kamadeva Vashikaran Yantra is very different in nature compared to the Gandharva Vashikaran Yantra although they fall under the category of Vashikaran Yantra. Some Vashikaran Yantras are used for Sammohan whereas others are used for Mass influence. Depending on the purpose and suitability we prescribe the appropriate Yantra. Visit the Yantra Section here 


Malas are primarily classified into 2 categories – 1. For Wearing & 2. For Reciting Mantras.
The Energized Malas are the Malas meant for wearing. We have combined rare Malas infused with Vashikaran mantras to boost your Attraction & Magnetism. Some of the malas are – Sammohan Mala, Akarshan Mala, Mohini Mala, Kamadeva Mala, Krishna Mala, Kali Mala etc. Visit Mala Section 

Customized Vashikaran Kits are aimed to bring speedy and remarkable changes in their lives. These Spiritual Kits contains everything you require for self remedy. The specially devised kit consists of Personalized Yantra along the Energized Rosary. The carefully crafted personalized kit also contains a Guidance instructions and a customized Audio Mantra to help you further.
Get more details on Customized Kits –


Personalized High Powered Yajna is the best remedy to provide speedy resolutions to your intricate relationship issues. We conduct various Vashikaran Yajnas & Havan for – Retrieving the Lover, To bring Harmony in Relationship, To Stop Divorce & To Boost your Magnetism. Check the Best Yajna suitable for you –


We conduct Vashikaran Workshop & Training where you can learn different aspects of Vashikaran directly from our experts. You will be exposed to both the Theory & Practical workings of Vashikaran. Upcoming Vashikaran Workshop here –

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