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Below you will find different types of attraction Malas (Rosaries) like – Sammohan Mala, Akarshan Mala, Mohini Mala, Kamadeva Mala, Krishna Mala, Kali Mala etc. Choose the Mala that is most appropriate for you. If you have any questions feel free to call or email us.

The below mentioned Vashikaran Malas are specifically Energized & Personalized for you as per your intention. Each Vashikaran Mala possesses the unique energy of the specific deity. Exhaustive rituals are performed before the Mala is shipped to you. It takes minimum 15 working days to accomplish the energization rituals.


Vashikaran LOVE String

Vashikaran means the power to Subjugate. The Vashikaran Rosary is used for harmonizing relationships and to make others develop a liking towards you. The prime aim of Vashikaran Mala is to Attract others.

Krishna Sammohan Mala

Lord Krishna is the primal energy of Attraction. The scriptures describe Krishna wearing this Rosary. The Krishna Sammohan Mala aims to invigorate you with power to captivate others & be the Center of attention in any social event or gathering.

Mohini Vashikaran Mala

Mohini Vashikaran MalaMohini is the emanation of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Mohini emerged when God Vishnu adopted the form of an Enchantress. The word Mohini originates from the Sanskrit root “Moha” which means Enchantment. Weave Mohini Mala Magic to boost your Attraction Power.

Kamadeva Mala

Kamadeva is the God of Love & Desire. The Kamadeva Mala is primarily aimed to attract the opposite sex. The Mala is infused with Kamadeva Mantra mantra & personalized to give you benefits. For more details visit below

Kali Protection Mala

Kali is the central deity in Vedic & Tantric Traditions. The Goddess protects you as a Mother from the Negative energies and unwanted adverse influence like Evil Eye & curses. You need to proactively wear this Mala to safeguard yourself before the negativity hits you.

Sammohan Mala

Mohini Vashikaran Mala

Sammohan means to cast a spell over self. One of the purest form of Vashikaran is called Sammohan. The energized Sammohan Mala is worn to increase your Magnetism, Charm & Influential ability. For more details check the section below.

Rati Mala

[Only for Females]
Goddess Rati is the epitome of Beauty & Lust. Rati is the consort of Kama. The Mala is specially crafted for Females to enhance their Magnetism. It also strengthens your Feminine energies.

Gandharva Siddhi Mala

Only for Men
Gandharvas are masculine entities with supernatural powers who form a part of an Angelic or Devic Kingdom. Their mission is to trigger sensual bond between Men & Women. The Gandharva Mala is energized to Attract Females.

Baglamukhi Mala

Baglamukhi is one of the most Powerful & Fierce Goddess. Today people are not unhappy with their failures, but are more worried about others being successful. If your seek protection from your competitors & unknown / hidden enemies you must wear Baglamukhi Mala.

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