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Hypnotism and Mesmerism have long since been known to the Indians under the name”Sammohan Vidya”. Sammohan Vidya is one of the branches of Tantra Sastra. Sammohan is compiled of 2 sanskrit words Sam & Mohan. Mohan means “To Charm” and Sam-Mohan means to “To Mesmerize”.

Sammohan Rosary (Mala) is a potent tool to bring the desired under the influence. Sammohan Vashikaran Mala is the combination of unique beads energized as per the Tantra scriptures. Sammohan Rosary (Sammohan Mala) is very powerful in developing Harmony in relationship, marriage, job, business and acting performance, election etc.Sammohan Mala is primarily used to recite mystical mantras as prescribed by us. After the successful chanting the rosary should be worn as per 
the instructions. As the persons eyes falls on the Rosary a strange desire is aroused within them and they gradually get attracted by you. The regular usage of Sammohan Vashikaran Mala creates a mesmerizing aura and an Irresistible force around the wearer. The rosary gets energized to a greater extent through a consistent recitation of the prescribed Sammohan Mantra.

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