Do you want to learn to Attract & Enchant others ETHICALLY?

 Get Ready to Discover the true power of Vashikaran

~MYSTICA is an intensive workshop designed to provide you in-depth understanding on traditional occult science of Magnetism. We teach you to effectively use the oriental occult forms of Enchantments like – Vashikaran & Sammohan which enables to enhance your Attraction. Learning Vashikaran empowers you to have greater control over challenging situations in your personal & professional life. The workshop helps you eliminate the roadblocks lending to a fulfilled life.  MYSTICA is a proven Vashikaran system that guides you through the ancient Tantric teachings step-by-step, supporting you to develop an Eternal Magnetic ability to Enchant – Attract – Subjugate ethically. Gaining this ability gives you an edge over others in this competitive world. Workshop Overview The MYSTICA Tantra program is developed and refined under the supervision of Shri. Kirti Singh Ji. The Vashikaran training is developed by combining various occult forms of Tantra. Since last 10 years we have interacted, understood & effectively resolved problems related to Vashikaran – We know What works & How to make it work for You. This unique training is specifically designed to transform your Relationship & Love life. There is a need to explore deeper into the occult forms which are aimed at resolving your INTERNAL & personal challenges like – Relationship, Love, Attraction, Sex etc. If these personal areas are neglected your Personal & Professional life will continue to suffer. The workshop is tailored according to the needs of the participants where you are mentored at each step. Topics Covered – In MYSTICA Tantra workshop will walk you through –

 Fundamentals of Tantra & teachings from the Mystic Tradition.  What is Vashikaran – Exploring the Science of Subjugation.  Deeper insights to different forms of Enchantments.  Understanding the workings of Vashikaran.  Practical guidance on usage of Vashikaran Mantras.  Effectively using Vashikaran charms & herbs.  Using Vashikaran to Attract & Influence others.  Learn to become an Attraction Magnet by using Vashikaran ethically.  Sacred tools to revitalize your Auric energies.  Get access to the undisclosed rituals that great Tantra Practitioners use to create Mass Influence.

We are committed to helping you create a new life.

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