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Magical Attraction – Vashikaran, Sammohan & Akarshan Mantras


How to Invoke the unseen powers, that you know exists.
You experience this pull in your daily lives, but cannot elucidate it?
Explore Deeper Into Undisclosed Realm of Mysticism with Magical Attraction.
How you can heal your relationship problems whether you are married or you are living with someone.

-Do You Like Someone Specific?

-Do You Wish to Gain His/Her Attention?

-Do You Seek Attention From a Particular Men or Women?

-Is Your Spouse Losing Interest in You?

Magical Attraction combines sacred and safe mantras to Attract & Magnetize the beloved in subtle ways. This audio series contains mantras aimed to Attract a specific person or an individual. By reciting these mantras the person will feel the unstoppable pull towards you. He or She may not be able to describe it logically, but will not even stop thinking about you.

Magic Manifests in its own Secret way. Magical Attraction is not about manipulating someone or acting against their free will, it’s about transforming situations and relations in a harmonious way.

The series contains 6 potent mantras aimed to bring delightful changes in the desired person by embracing the power of sacred sounds.

Let the sounds connect you with the omnipresent Tantric Tattwa. Let it fill your life with grace & grandeur of the Divine.

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