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Leela – The Magic of Krishna…

LEELA is a Sanskrit expression meaning Play. When this activity is played by Krishna, it becomes Krishna Leela.

The audio series contains Sacred Mantras dedicated to Lord Krishna. The audio is designed to help you Attract Love and Harmony and most importantly resolve issues in relationships. The mantras contained in this audio do not demand rigid rituals or strict regulations. The proven mantras are aimed to improve each area of your life.

Krishna Vashikaran Mantra –
The mantra is aimed to Attract the person you Love or Desire. The mantra plants the seeds of fascination and pulls the desired person towards you.

Krishna Akarshan Mantra –
The exceptional Tantric Mantra devised to draw people towards you. Confers you the ability to draw people towards you.

Krishna Sammohan Mantra –
One of the finest mantra that not even Great Gurus and Yogis will share with you. It bestows you an ability to become a “Attraction Magnet”. As you use this mantra you vibrate and gel with the ultimate force of Desire i.e. Krishna.

Krishna Mohini Mantra –
Mohini mantra is meant to Enchant and develop Hypnotic qualities within you. As you listen and recite the Mohini Mantra you cast a Spell over yourself, which makes you desirable to anyone.

Krishna Mohan Mantra –
Mohan mantra is best suited for the professionals in area of Public Relations, Marketing and Sales and people whose profession demands regular interaction with others.

Krishna Aishwarya Mantra –
If you wish to lead a lavish and luxury life filled with material comforts this mantra is meant for you.

Krishna Kamadeva Mantra –
The mantra is a combination of Tantric Seed sounds which holds the dual potency as it invokes Kama and Krishna concurrently.

Krishna Sampoorna Mantra –
Lord Krishna was endowed with this mantra by his Guru Sandipan. This mantra attracts material pleasures, luxury and boosts harmony in your life.

Krishna Sarvajan Mantra –
Sarvajan is a Sanskrit expression which means Everyone. This syllables are capable to attract and enchant the Masses. This mantra is practiced by high profile Business tycoons, Politicians and Gurus to create mass following.

Krishna Leela Audio

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