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Kamadeva Vashikaran Yantra is meant to attract love and harmony in life. It is most suited if you lack attraction ability or have hard time establishing rapport with other people.

The Yantra is devised in thick copper with clear accurate geometry. Kamdeva Yantra who is worshipped for –


1. Gaining physical beauty.


2. Attracting desired Men or Women.


3. To overcome sexual problems relating progeny.


4. Ensures harmony in love and marriage.



The Primary mantra of Kamadeva is: || Kleem Kamadevaya Namaha ||
Meaning – I bow to Lord Kamadeva

Ruling Deity: Kamadeva.

Day of worship: Friday.

Placement of Kamadeva Yantra: The Yantra creates positive vibrations where it is placed. You must place the your bedroom. Kamdeva Yantra is must be installed in North direction.

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