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Gandharva Mala for Vashikaran & Attracting females –

The world still holds an ancient Enchantment, it hints us of the journey into the unseen and unmapped domains. We live in a multi-dimensional universe of infinite energies and life forms. The oriental occult expounds cosmos as a hierarchical composition with a graded series of domains occupied by supernatural beings with different levels of supremacy and power. In this realm resides a specific class of demi-god called “Gandharva”.

Gandharva’s hold a unique enigmatic powers & are always eager to help the mankind. The energized Gandharva Siddhi Mala enables you to become more desirable & magnetic to females.

Gandharva Siddhi Mala – 11,000 mantra recitations.

Gandharva Siddhi Mala – 21,000 mantra recitations.

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