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Sacred Sounds for Attracting & Healing Relationships

What if you could command the mystic forces of the Universe to help you Attract Abundant Love into your life?

Wouldn’t it be magnificent if you had the power to Amplify your Attraction?

The Esoteric India sounds holds the Elixir to Empower you with Eternal Enchantment.

The Audio contains Proven Mantras – When evoked directly influences your inner states, events and people around you. These mantras are specifically formulated to confer you an irresistible Magnetism and Charm. This audio volume contains 8 unique mantras to help you with the following –

• Attract a desired mate into your life.
• Heal your existing Relationship.
• Sounds to confer you the power to Subdue others.
• Mantras to captivate the specific Men or Women.
• Sammohan Mantras to make people desire you eternally.

** The downloadable audio also includes a PDF instruction guide.

Elixir – Sacred Sounds for Attracting & Healing Relationships

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