VASHIKARAN YAJNA or Vashikaran Yagya -

How is Vashikaran Yajna Customized to suit your requirement?

Mantras chanted by our qualified priests as per the scriptures to help fulfill wishes and desires of devotee. We perform all Yajnas as per the particular requirement of our clients. The duration of Yajna & the number of chantings varies depending upon the complexity of the problem. After taking the clients details in to consideration the Yajna is accomplished. Devotee’s Full Name, his /her specific problem is understood before performing Yagna. The priest, performing the Yajna, puts forth the prayers of His subjects and prays for their welfare. He prays on behalf of one and all and seeks the mercy and blessings to be showered on one and all. Devotees are benefited, resulting in prosperous, contented and joyful life. The Yajna is concluded by thanking the Deity for His/Her compassion & bidding a farewell to the deity.

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Some of the potent Yajnas conducted by us are mentioned below...

Krishna Akarshan Vashikaran Yajna -

The Krishna Vashikaran Yajna is aimed to boost your overall attraction & confer you to influence individual & group of people. This Vashikaran Yajna is available in 3 categories, depending on your situation we shall prescribe it to you.

Kamadeva Vashikaran Yajna -

The Kamadeva Vashikaran Yajna confers you the power to positively attract more females & women towards you. With this Yajna you become a Magnet of Attraction. Kamadeva Vashikaran Yajna one of the rarest and most potent Yajna in the field of Tantra.

Vishnu Mohin Vashikaran Yajna -

The Vishnu Mohin Vashikaran Yajna enables you to attract the desired girl or women towards you. Due to its unfailing powers and potency we only conduct it for most critical and genuine cases. Request this Yajna if you wish to marry the desired person.

Kamadeva Rati Yajna -

When relationship is suffering due to Misunderstanding and Conflicts the Kamadeva Rati Yajna is conducted to retrieve conjugal bliss and harmony in Married Life. The Yajna also confers mutual trust and respect towards each other & fosters better understanding.

Siddh Kameshi Yajna -

Kameshi is the Goddess of Attraction & Subjugation. Even the sages are not spared from power to Enchant. The Yajna is best suited to draw & captivate the special someone who you desire.

Gandharva Yajna to Attract Females -

The most powerful & unfailing ritual to exert influence and attract more girls and women towards you. The ritual has never failed till date.

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