Your task is not only to seek love, but also to eradicate the unseen barriers of the Past.

One of the greatest risks one takes in life is to open your heart up to be immersed in an intimate relationship with someone. Some times when the other person does not reciprocate on the same loving level which you’ve invested it results in negative energy pathway and one starts feeling isolated, emotionally distant, empty and depleted.

If your Past is acting as a barrier in creating your future then, you should do something about it.

We are conducting the Durga Akarshan Yajna which is aimed to -

  Eradicate the Negative energies of your past relationship.
  Create a divine pathway to manifest a true Soulmate.
  Confer you the ability to attract the opposite sex.

The Yajna aims to connect you to the divine energies of the Goddess, where every wish is granted and fulfilled. The ritual is scheduled from 21st August 2015.

Yajna with 50,000 recitations & 5,001 Fire offerings
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