Pushp Kubera Vashikaran Kit -

The connection with the hidden realm forms the foundation of all esoteric undertaking.
Tantra has played vital role in shaping the lives of mankind and its efficacy exists even today. Today very little is known about Tantra Magic due to the veil of secrecy which has shrouded this mystic practices.

Occult forms like Sammohan have been secreted and unexposed till date. Several forms of deity worship and their practices remain unshared. Once such form is of Lord Kubera. As per Tantra there are 9 primary emanations of Lord Kubera, which confer varied boons to the seeker. You may be only aware of one form of Kubera i.e. Bestower of Wealth and Grandeur.

One of the alluring and magnificent form of Kubera is called "Pushp Kubera". In Tantra "Pushp Kubera" holds a great significance in rites relating to Sammohan. Pushp Kubera is depicted with Four Hands, encircled by Celestial Beauties in the sacred woods surrounded with divine fragrance and lust. Tantra Scriptures describe Pushp Kubera as one of the most attractive form of Lord Kubera. The deity confers you the power of Magnetism and an ability influence and attract others towards you.

"Attraction" forms a fundamental feature in the rites related to "Pushp Kubera"

The Pushp Kubera amulet aims to amplify your attraction and magnetize positive changes for you. The amulet is to customized as per your Full name & Your Birth details. Further the amulet shall be infused with Kuber Sammohan Mantras for a minimum of 2,001 times.

The Energized Amulet confers you attractiveness and alluring appeal that draws desired people towards you. The Push Kubera Amulet is suitable for individuals from all age group and culture, who wish to infuse their life with Love and Charisma.

The Kit includes -

1-Customized Pushp Kubera Amulet.
2-Pushp Kubera Mantra Audio.
3-Customized Guidance eManual.

If you feel you deserve to instill attraction & influence into your life, you need look no further.
Fees - 299 USD (Available Globally)

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