Matangi Akarshan Kit -

MATANGI Mahavidya, is one of the mystic practice which for years remained surrounded by mystery. Matangi is called the (Dharmapatni), the eternal consort of God Siva and is said to be chasing him to unite with him. Matangi means "a thought" or "a belief." Matangi is the 9th form of Mahavidya. In the commencing Dhyana mantra Matangi has been called as the presiding Deity of the "Words." Matangi rules over fine arts, speech, attraction and creativity. She has been called Mantra Sakti; a force that makes the words come true, pervading the Universe. Matangi is the word as the embodiment of thought.

In the realm of tantra there are several unexposed practices of Goddess Matangi which are related to Vashikaran and Enchantment. Matangi bestows attraction, magnetism and mesmerizing power of speech. She is the deity of the spoken word and of any outward articulation of inner knowledge, including all forms of art and persuasiveness. She is exquisitely beautiful and is dark complexioned. Matangi also holds the powers to grant the desired wish. “Matangi resides in the Throat Chakra, on the tip of the tongue. In the Tantric sense, she is also considered the deity of Attraction, Relationship and Marriage. Our customized kit is sanctified & infused with Matangi Vashikaran Mantra which grants you the power of magnetic voice, excellent persuasion power and irresistible speech.

The Customized Matangi Akarshan Kit is best for the people who are in the field of Acting,Sales, Advertising, Communication Trainer, Film, Media & Mass Communication

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