Krishna Akarshan Kit -

THE belief in the existence of personal power which enables the possessor to attract, influence and control others, has been held by the race from the earliest days of written history. Many of the esoteric tantra scriptures hold references to this extraordinary mysterious power possessed by certain individuals, which enabled them to attract and influence others. In the present age, an era where possessing Attraction is not necessary, but mandatory. In present times very little is known about these esoteric enchantment's.

Often people contrast Attraction with Good looks, which is incorrect. A person with good looks doesn’t always attract attention. The desire to influence and gain attention from others is as appealing to Men as it is to Women. For men, this ability to influence can bring power, might, riches and happiness. For women, this ability can grant social recognition, popularity, happiness, and love.

Does attraction mean being six foot tall?

Does it mean being handsome and physically attractive?


Why care about Possessing Attraction?

Because it really does have its privileges. You can see it all around you. People who possess Attraction and Magnetic Aura hold greater positions of power. Research shows that these people get special treatment from employers, strangers and even their potential mates . . . Without doubt, Good looks and wealth are forces to consider but, it is also a fact that attraction is a bit above all these. There are many celebrities who are just average looking, yet they command Attraction and mass following. It is not necessary to be physically beautiful to possess a strong persona and attraction.

Lord Krishna was said to be dark complexioned and yet the magnetic attraction that one felt in his presence was something beyond this world. To succeed in this world it is necessary to possess a magnetic and attractive persona. You might not be born with this virtue but, through the power of Mantras you could instill a divinity in yourself that could make others feel overawed in your presence. The divine energy of Krishna Akarshan Amulet instills a unique confidence and radiance in you.

Whatever field you are in, this Amulet could come in handy as it aims to fill your life with charm and magnetism and bestow you the desired attention. When Krishna Akarshan Mantra is chanted in combination with Krishna Akarshan Amulet within few weeks its effect would manifest. People will pursue in a positive manner, the changing attitude of people around will prove you that the Amulet is working its charm.

What Result can you expect from energized Krishna Akarshan Kit?

Vasikaran Locket

Krishna Akarashan Amulet
The amulet bestows Unquestionable Power, Charm and Authority.

Usually from 4th - 5th week onwards you will witness the Influential results.

1. First thing you will begin to experience is increased confidence and belief in you.
2. You will experience a boost in your attraction level and vitality in your body.
3. The energized amulet facilitates authority and attention from people around you.
4. Boosts relationships on all levels.

Each one of you is looking for a personal breakthrough, a turning point, a revelation that brings with it a new meaning. The Krishna Akarshan Amulet is a distillation of insights and wisdom accumulated from great tantric masters. The Customized Amulet is a priceless treasure that can bring magnetic transformation in your life. By this point in your life may have wasted a lot on Lasers, cheap imitations, peels, face-lifts and rhinoplasty. Now, it’s the time to turn towards the true source and seek spiritual help.

The Krishna Akarshan Kit contains –

1. Energized Krishna Akarshan Amulet.
2. Mantra audio for accurate pronunciation.
3. Customized Guidance eManual with exhaustive information.


Krishna Attraction Kit & Kamadeva Akarshan Mala
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