Kali Protection Mala -

The Kali Protection Mala is aimed to aimed to Safeguard you from Negative and Evil Forces.

People are jealous when they see others being happy and prosperous. Even if on the surface they may seem your well-wisher but, their motives and silent actions could cause great damage resulting an imbalance emotionally and physically.

There are many instances when you or your loved ones might have suffered from such issues. If you happen to sense to be a victim of such negative force we recommend you take strong action at once!

It's your **RIGHT** to take immediate action to counter these evil efforts.

The Customized Kali Protection Mala is intended to provide protection against negative energies and unseen forces. Goddess Kali is the embodiment of the Power, Protection and Potency. She possesses both negative and positive elements in her divine personality. She punishes the evil and protects the righteous.

The Energized Kali Rosary is aimed to -

  • Safeguard you against Negative forces.
  • Protect you from Evil Eye.
  • Shield you from Jealous people.
  • Secures you from Unseen harmful energies.

These sacred rosary is made of Black beads, which is aimed to confer you Protection. The color Black is associated with the feminine nature of things, which is both strengthening and protecting.It annihilates the adverse forces and provides you greater resistance.

Each rosary is infused with "Kali Raksha Mantra" for over 3,0001 times. In addition it is customized as per your Full Name and Intent. You just have to wear the Rosary regularly to witness the results.

Remember that you do have the Right to defend yourselves.
The more you wait the worst the situation will be. It is time to fight back!
Don’t let this situation deteriorate any further.

Kali Protection Mala -

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