Kaam Rati Sammohan Kit -

Kamadeva and Rati are considered eternal deities of love and attraction. Kamadeva symbolize Masculinity, Valor and Power and Rati signifies infinite Beauty, Love and Irresistible attraction. Kama Rati Sammohan Kit is a potent combination to strengthen bliss and harmony among couples and lovers. There are instances in life when married life seems dry and uninteresting. The lack of attraction and desire can ruin the relationship.

The purpose of this kit is to make you irresistible and charming, create mutual attraction and heighten love that both you will walk hand in hand into the most glorious future. The customized kit stimulates the lover to be more attracted towards you and encourages a blissful relationship. The kit is Customized and Energized as per your Full Name, Date of Birth and taking into consideration vital details like your Nakshatra and Gotra.

Fees - 199 USD

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