Positive Vashikaran is involved with invoking the greatest force of Goddess SHAKTI. Mankind has worshiped great feminine archetypes for as long as they have pursued a mystical relationship with life and the universe. If your connection with the feminine deity is weak then your Relationships suffer, life becomes a challenge. If this aspect of life is discontented or neglected it becomes a burden. There are ways to connect with these comic forces and improve your relationships. One of the safest form to link with the divine is through the Shakti Sammohan Yajna. On each sacred night of Navratri significant rituals and consecratory rites are conducted to invoke the Goddess through Shakti Sammohan Yajna.

The aim of Shakti Yajna is to infuse new Joy in your Relationship. The Yajna aims to connect you to the divine source of the Goddess, where every wish is granted and fulfilled.

SHAKTI Yajna aims to accomplish the following -

  • Ensures lasting love,respect & passion in your life.
  • Helps you attract the right partner in life.
  • Gain Attention from the people you desire.
  • Bestows harmony amongst Couples.
  • Boost Attraction & Magnetism.
  • Resolve Issues in Relationships.
  • Confer you the ability to subjugate others.

    The Kit includes -

  • Personalized Shakti Sammohan Rosary.
  • Energized Shakti Sammohan Yantra.
  • Exhaustive Guidance eManual.
  • Shakti Sammohan Mantra Audio mp3.

Navratri holds a special significance as it is related with Divinity, Attraction and Love. Tantra does not work on chances or assumptions. In the realm of Mysticism even split second of auspicious hour is of prime significance.
If you believe in the Positive forces and Sacred powers that can navigate our lives -- then we strongly prescribe you participate in the Shakti Sammohan Yajna.

Note - The kit is customized and Energized as per your Full Name, Date of Birth and Intent. So please email or call us to update it. Fees - 99 USD (ACT Before 3rd Oct)

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