Who are Gandharvas?

 Gandharvas are primarily conceived as Gods of Enchantment because they were assigned this responsibility by Lord Brahma. Their mission is to trigger bond between Men & Women. Gandharvas are masculine entities with supernatural powers who form a part of an Angelic or Devic Kingdom. They are celestial warriors & irresistible enchanters who are capable of enticing not only the humans, but also the minds of the heavenly Gods & Sages. In recent times they are merely portrayed as musicians & dancers, But there is more to it…

Humans cut the links that tied them to the real world of Apsaras & Gandharvas. In the past, sacrifices, Yajnas, chants and prayers were used to keep the links strong with divine forces. Today this is not done.  Many doors have closed

One can find authentic references about Gandharvas in both Vedic & Tantric scriptures like -  The Ramayana, Mahabharata, Rig Veda, Sam Veda & Atharva Veda. In extension to this Tantra goes a step further in revealing the rites on evoking these divine beings. The tantric texts hold references to this extraordinary mysterious power which enables you to enchant and influence others. It is mentioned in the Atharva Veda that - Gandharvas are specially invoked during marriage rites because they awaken sexual passion in women. The worship of Gandharvas confer marital bliss and excellent bonding among couples.

The scriptures states as follows – 

“The one who desires to be magnetic should worship the residents of the Gandharva Loka”. 

Gandharvas act as a messenger between the Gods and humans. They are eager to serve the mankind once invoked. Scriptures reveal that - Gandharvas posses healing powers, particularly the power to restore & enhance virility.

Gandharvas were created by Lord Brahma. During creation they were assigned following duties - 

1. Assisting in war.

2. Amuse with their music & 

3. Bestow worldly beings with the power to Enchant.

Benefits of the Yajna -

1. Enchantment of Females.

2 .Enhance the power of speech & communication.

3. Stimulate great passion (sexual & otherwise).

4. Awaken compassion and sensitivity &

5. Inspire love, creative imagination & intuition.

The blessings of Gandharva also confer marital bliss & stability in relationship. Once you connect with the energies of Gandharvas you may find yourself more seductive and magnetic. 

This is not airy-fairy mysticism. It holds a practical relevance.
There are always those who will simply say that these are just Stories & nothing more. They will say that it is all of the imagination. No scientific data exists. That is a fool’s quest etc. etc. It’s vital to recognize that there are forces in the universe that we need to connect for our personal upliftment.  Remember, the powerful demi-gods are much close to us & always accessible for help.

From 15th Feb. 2018 onward (i.e. on the eve of Solar Eclipse) we are conducting the Customized "Gandharva Sammohan Yajna". It is a 45 day Yajna starting from 15th Feb. Each day Yajna fees is 29 USD. This is a rare opportunity where daily for 45 days the Yajna will be specifically performed only for you. The Yajna is conducted for 2.5 hours daily. The Yajna is to be specifically performed for Men who aim to enhance his attraction & enchant females. 

Special Personalized are to be sent to you -

1. Customized Maha-Gandharva Sammohan Yantra.

2. Energized Gandharva Sammohan Mala.

3. Personalized Gandharva Vashikaran Amulet.

4. Instructions eManual & Audio.

Telephonic guidance & Email support is available at every stage. To participate you must respond with your Birth Details.

Gandharva Sammohan Yajna for MEN
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