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Secrets of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra by L. R. Chawdhri

Unveiled in this book are the secrets of the occult sciences of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra to help the reader achieve worldly success and spiritual enlightenment. Detailed instructions are given for the preparation and application of Yantras for specific purposes: to win favours, defeat for selecting and using Mantras to attain miraculous powers, and fulfilment of one's desires, are explained in detail. In the Tantra section of the book, methods of treatment of diseases by herbs are given. Information is provided about Tantric articles and where to obtain them.

Secrets Of Occult Science by L. R. Chawdhri

God has created this world and everything in it has a meaning. It is for man to discover these hidden meanings or messages and decipher them, for his own good. Ancient civilisations like those of the Hindus, Greeks, Romans, Chaldaeans, Chinese and Sumerians considered these hidden meanings to be of vital significance in the context of the destiny and personality of human beings. Dreams, omens, moles on a person's body, twitching of certain parts of the body, handwriting -- all have a hidden meaning for us to discover. What sun sign we are born under and how it affects our personality and life; the use of lucky charms and Tantric articles to mitigate evil influences and attain good health, wealth and happiness; modern yantras like Crystal Ball Gazing and the Mystic Eye, are all dealt with in this book in a simple and interesting manner for the uninitiated reader, as well as for astrologers, palmists and others.

Yantra-Mantra Tantra and Occult Sciences by Bhojraj Dwivedi

Tantra unveiled: seducing the forces of matter & spirit Rajmani Tigunait
Describes authentic tantra, the different spiritual paths and how tantra combines yoga, meditation, ayurveda and other disciplines.

Tantra: the path of ecstasy by Georg Feuerstein

Tantra—often associated with Kundalini Yoga—is a fundamental dimension of Hinduism, emphasizing the cultivation of "divine power" (shakti) as a path to infinite bliss. Tantra has been widely misunderstood in the West, however, where its practices are often confused with eroticism and licentious morality. Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy dispels many common misconceptions, providing an accessible introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of this extraordinary spiritual tradition. The Tantric teachings are geared toward the attainment of enlightenment as well as spiritual power and are present not only in Hinduism but also Jainism and Vajrayana Buddhism. In this book, Georg Feuerstein offers readers a clear understanding of authentic Tantra, as well as appropriate guidance for spiritual practice and the attainment of higher consciousness.

Introduction to Tantra: The transformation of desire by Jonathan Landaw

According to Buddhism, every human being has the potential to achieve profound and lasting happiness. And according to the tantric teachings of Buddhism, this remarkable transformation can be realized very quickly if we utilize all aspects of our human energy, especially the energy of our desires. Introduction to Tantra is the best available clarification of a subject that is often misunderstood. This new edition of the classic text includes a new foreword by Philip Glass and new cover art, but leaves untouched Lama Yeshe's excellent original text, edited by Jonathan Landaw. Tantra recognizes that the powerful energy aroused by our desire is an indispensable resource for the spiritual path. It is precisely because our lives are so inseparably linked with desire that we must make use of desire's tremendous energy not just for pleasure, but to transform our lives. Lama Yeshe presents tantra as a practice leading to joy and self-discovery, with a vision of reality that is simple, clear, and extremely relevant to 21st-century life.

Tantra in practice by David Gordon White

Tantra in Practice is the eight volume of Princeton Readings in Religions and the first substantial anthology of Tantric works ever to appear in English. The thirty-nine contributors, drawn from around the world, are leading scholars of Tantra. Each contributor has provided a translation of a key work, in most cases translated here for the first time. Each chapter in the volume begins with an introduction in which the translator discusses the history and influence of the work, identifying points of particular difficulty or interest. David White has provided a general introduction to the volume that serves as an ideal guide to the riches contained between the covers of this book. He has organized the volume thematically, providing fascinating juxtapositions of works from different regions, periods, and traditions. Two additional tables of contents are provided, organizing the works by tradition and by country of origin.

The range of works represented here is remarkable, spanning the continent of Asia and the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam over more than a millennium. With the publication this volume, the long disparaged and neglected Tantric traditions of Asia receive the attention they so rightly deserve. This is a groundbreaking work.
About us -

Vashikaran.Org is s a specialized spiritual counseling service offering Customised Tantra, Mantra and Yantra solutions globally. We provide professional astro readings, metaphysical products, Yajna and customized solutions.
Vashikaran.Org comprise of learned Vedic Pandits and Tantrics, who master the art of Tantra. Our vision is to facilitate access to the incredible tantric tools of power and transformation. In the era of complex relationship, infidelity and divorce we need a solution to form stronger and more lasting bonds of love. We firmly believe that mystic science of Vashikaran holds the Key to matters of Relationships and Love, if it is employed prudently. We nurture the well-being of the entire human family by promoting spiritual understanding and elevated actions towards a better world.

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I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and the yantra is amazing and it is working!!!! I seem to be attracting all the right opportunities not the modelling one as of yet but i feel that coming along slowly but at my current work the popularity is SOARING SKY HIGH!!! and I'm looking better and healthier by the day!! thank you ever soo much!!!

thank you for your help once again god bless you and keep up the good honest work :)

I was very happy that our relation is improving and we are getting better understanding of each other.


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