Black Magic

Magic, by its very nature, is the harnessing of cosmic energies to bring about a desired result. Magic is RAW Energy. The fuel of energy is flowing everywhere, all around us, within us but we hardly notice it & hence we take the assistance of a learned Tantric to help us manifest desired changes.

Lets understand the basic difference between White Magic & Black Magic..

White Magic is the science and art of causing change using the traditional Tantric tools to manifest desired results without harming the interest or emotions of others in the process. Whereas Black Magic is using the energies towards harming or hurting someone with evil intentions or against the will.

As per the Tantric Philosophy it is strongly believed that whatever actions taken Good or Evil is bound to return back to you with a greater impact. Those involved in Black Magic always have a price to pay, and sometimes that price is far heavier than expected. Those who cast black magic or evil spells lead a very unhappy and disturbing life. They have to go through a lot of pain and hardships on all levels.

This is not meant to be a lecture telling you that you should never indulge in Black Magic. Rather, it is intended to show you what to expect if you try. The Universe is governed by Laws, just as there is a Law of gravity, so too is there an undeniable Law of KARMA. Put out good and you will receive good. Put out evil, even unintentionally, and evil is what you will get. Such is the fact of life.

There is no such thing as white and black Magic. Magic is in fact COLOURLESS as universal forces are Raw & Neutral. It is neither good nor bad, it becomes either light or dark depending on what your INTENT is. For instance Air, Fire, Water and Earth can be both gentle (white if you like) and destructively powerful (black) and for the planet to have balance we need both aspects to the elemental energy. A Tantric, which uses these energies as part of its fuel is both black and white because it uses all aspects of the elements. In addition, what is good Magic for you may be not so good for someone else, so we need to consider this as our ethical responsibility before assisting you. Tantric Magic is beyond Black Magic & White Magic. With that perspective in mind magic is like a coin with the heads or white on one side and the tails or black on the other. For a coin to be a true coin it has two sides just as Magic is both good and bad, particularly depending upon what your relationship to it is.

Any form of Magic or Tantric Practice is an act of harnessing the power of the universe around us to create a desired result. The prime difference between the Vedic & Tantric way is simple. The Vedic way is the person pleads to the Gods to help him attract desired outcome and looks upon the Gods to fulfill his needs. Whereas under Tantra the practitioner manifests their life's desires with a belief that architect of their own life. So Tantric Magic doesn't ask the Gods and Goddesses to bring something about, it determines of itself that the result will be achieved anyway. It is not dependent on the benevolence or permission of an external deity.

The Tantric is adept to harness energy, in the form of Yantra & Yajnas they concentrate their energies and tune their personal energies with those naturally occurring energies around us to bring the end result. The energy that arise during the ritual is quite potent which is channelized towards your intent. Through the means of rituals they tune the universal forces in the direction of your desire, so you can witness desired changes in your life.

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